Focus On Teaching

Teaching K-12 should be about delivering great lessons catered to all learning styles. Curator provides you with curriculum-aligned content and helps you engage all students in your class, all in a seamless experience.

Easy Lesson Planning

Digital and Creative Lesson Planning

Create flexible learning modules that work across all devices for all students.

Standards-Aligned Content

Browse curated, standards-aligned content, to easily tailor lesson plans to fit the needs of your students.

Instructional Design Support

Access to 1-on1 instructional support within Curator’s interface when you need help.

Student Engagement
Performance Tracking

Track content performance to ensure student engagement in the classroom.

LMS Integration

Integrate Curator with your current working environment: Canvas, Google Classroom…

Student Data Privacy

Student data is safe with Curator: we do not hold any student data, in compliance with FERPA.

Enjoy True Content Empowerment

We believe you can to do it all. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create courses with simple drag and drop functionality, deploy modules with a click, and make global changes with the push of a button. Our product offers you the ability to build flexible learning modules with a wide variety of media including:





Live Meetings



Group Discussions

Create Effective Lessons That Reach Each Student in the Classroom

Provide multimodal lesson plans for video, audio, and visual learners.​

Build in lesson checkpoints and identify students who are in need of pathway-driven learning.

Easily adjust and re-publish courses based on student mastery.

Focused on an Equitable Learning Environment

Easy adaptability for any existing educational tools.

Multiple content types for increased student engagement.

Cloud-based libraries enable school-wide curriculum visibility. 

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